Chemical toilets

ASTRAPI has modern portable chemical toilets. They are placed in public places, stadiums, parks, public markets, construction sites, ports, beaches, highways.

Their design is adapted to the aesthetics that every public space must have. Their construction material is particularly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. They are not altered by solar radiation and their innovative design serves modern needs.

We take care of their proper maintenance and supply of their equipment. We renew their chemical liquid, disinfect the cabin and are thoroughly cleaned at regular intervals.


ARMAL belongs to a group of companies that specialize in the research and development of innovative products in the industry of portable sanitary installations, constructions and environment. It was founded in 1987 as a family business and the first production plant was built in Italy, while in 2005 the second in GEORGIA - USA.

In 2010 the private companies LBO France and the Italian Yarpa S.p.A., acquired the majority of the shares of the Diamond group, owner of ARMAL and SEBACH. The acquisition created the Ylda S.p.A. Today, thanks to two manufacturing plants and two commercial branches, one in China and one in India, they export to carriers in 110 countries.

ARMAL is proud to be a supplier to key partners such as SEBACH, the leading company in the Italian portable sanitary rental market, SEBACH FRANCE, which started renting in France in 2010, and SEBACH SARLAU, which is developing in Morocco. The state-of-the-art production technology has allowed ARMAL to introduce many new and creative plastic products.

As a result, the company has gained an enviable worldwide reputation for the reliability and value of its products. It is highly capable of meeting the needs of companies and associations operating in disaster areas, thanks to its large production capacity of 230 portable toilets per day in Italy and 130 portable toilets per day in the US factory. This is made possible by casting technology combined with efficient supply and packaging solutions. Expanded storage capabilities and unique packaging and packaging solutions result in faster shipping and delivery times. The combination of meticulously selected raw materials and a system of total quality control ensures uniformity throughout the production process.

Our commitment to design is perfectly expressed in our Aromatic "cube": the only factory in the field for the production of scented plastic toilets.



Construction sites, Military Exercises, Public Markets, Weddings, Taxi Plates, etc. Innovative design, with excellent design and comfortable interior space.


  • Closed type without flap or with flap
  • Non-slip floor
  • Washbasin with foot pump
  • Liquid soap pump
  • Hanger
  • Mirror
  • Spacious interior
  • Toilet paper
  • Urinary tract


The ARMAL Portable Shower is connected to a water supply, it can also be connected to a drain. Ideal for: Beaches, Camping, Holidays, Sports events, Army, Factories etc.


  • Hanger
  • Mirror
  • Lock



Α.Μ.Ε.Α. is specially made for people with disabilities. It has a spacious interior for comfortable movement of people moving in a wheelchair. It includes internal and perimeter support bars as well as non-slip floor, for the comfortable and safe use of the toilet even without an attendant.


Spacious interior with dimensions 210x160x215
Open type basin

Toi Toi

Comfort and luxury

If you want a chemical toilet with a large sink, space comfort and attractive design then TOI Water is the ideal choice. This means that without any water connection TOI Water allows you to wash your hands with fresh water wherever you are.

TOI Water offers luxury and cleanliness. The sink with the mechanical foot pump and water supply 60 ltr, the liquid cream soap pump and the special paper holder for the hands satisfy even the most demanding customer.
  • Double ventilation of a sewage tank
  • Men's ureter
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Built-in lock
  • Non-slip floor covering
  • Men / Women Indication
  • Possibility of internal locking
  • Mirror
  • Clothes hanger
  • Washbasin with mechanical foot pump and
  • 60 liter water reserve
  • Built-in fresh water tank for the sink
  • Soap pump
  • Special paper slot (for hands)


  • Antiseptic delivery device
  • Interior lighting
1,20 m x 1,20 m
2,32 m
123 kg
Ανοικτού Τύπου Δεξαμενή 250 λίτρων με ενσωματωμένο διπλό εξαερισμό.

Maxim 3000


Receptions, Special Events, Artists' Dressing Rooms, Concerts, Parks, Ports, Theaters, etc. Innovative design, with excellent design and comfortable interior space, to meet more special needs and events. They operate with fresh water in the sink, without recycling.


  • Closed type basin
  • With 2 foot pumps (toilet & sink)
  • Liquid soap pump
  • Special electric lighting for the night with photocell (for receptions)
  • Hand wash
  • Hanger
  • Mirror
  • Lock

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