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The best way to confront any problem of the sewer network is its regular cleaning maintanance. This way you avoid undesirable smells and overflows.

We recommend a general cleaning of your
sewer and drains once in the spring and once in the winter

If this maintanance cleaning is done twice a year we are able to achieve the disappearance of mice, cockroaches and even other annoying insects.

We can undertake the monthly maintainance of your private sewer system, ensuring the radical eradication of any problem.

Of course according to the magnitude of your sewage or drain system we can propose and arrange maintenance for every 2-6 month or even annually for your block of flats, detached house, factory...
Astrapi sewer and drainage cleaning services

Analytical list of services

Clearing obstructions
For every problem we have the appropriate machine to deal with it

Gully cleaning
Water pumping, cleaning or jet washing

ToiletsSpecial machine for unblocking pipes

KitchensUnblocking without causing damage

BasinSpecial spring instrument for cleaning

Bath drainClearing obstructions, cleaning

Bath tub
Clearing obstructions, cleaning

Pumping waterFrom basements, garage, elevators

Cleaning tanks
From petrol, pumping and cleaning

Of roads, basements, ramps... with water jet pressure

CleaningChannels and gullies from water rain mud and rubbish

Monthly maintanance 
Of block of flats with very low cost